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Contact Via Wedding at 0432482034 or 0404287841, and let us transform your vision into a reality that exceeds your wildest dreams. We can't wait to weave your love story into the magical tapestry of a truly unforgettable Watsons Bay wedding with our luxury wedding decorations.


Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary. Choose Via Wedding, and let your love story unfold in luxury.

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Over a decade of experience crafting dream weddings in Watsons Bay sets us apart. Our friendly and passionate team thrives on creating unforgettable experiences for our couples. We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, ensuring your dream doesn't come at a premium. Most importantly, we deliver unparalleled service, exceeding your expectations with every step. Our luxury wedding decorations are out of this world.

Why Choose Via Wedding?

  • Floral Walls: Create a show-stopping backdrop for your ceremony or reception with a cascading floral wall. Envision a vibrant symphony of colours or a monochromatic masterpiece designed for your wedding theme and palette.

  • Chairs & Table Hire: Elevate your seating arrangements with sleek chairs and tables that exude sophistication. We offer a range of styles, from contemporary acrylic to vintage ghost chairs, ensuring your guests dine in comfort and style.

  • Centrepieces & Candelabras: Captivate your guests with dazzling centrepieces that become conversation starters. Imagine shimmering candles flickering within exquisite candelabras or lush floral arrangements bursting with vibrant colour.

  • Bollards & Carpet Runners: Guide your guests to the ceremony with chic bollards adorned with fresh blooms or cascading greenery. Let a luxurious carpet runner unfurl a path of elegance, leading them to your unforgettable vows.

  • Plinths & Cake Stands: Elevate your wedding cake to its rightful place of honour. Choose from stylish plinths, and cake stands that complement your theme and add a touch of class to your dessert display.

  • Backdrops & Partitions: Divide spaces subtly or create a dedicated photo booth with our versatile backdrops and partitions. From shimmering sequin walls to rustic wooden panels, we offer various options to enhance your venue's ambience.

  • Staircase Styling: Don't let your staircases go unnoticed. Transform them into a floral haven or a glittering passageway with meticulously-curated decorations that add an unexpected touch of luxury.

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Via Wedding offers a comprehensive suite of luxury wedding decorations that cater to every aspect of your celebration. Let us whisk you away with:


  • Bridal Throne Chairs: Steal the show with a statement chair fit for a queen. Imagine saying "I do" perched atop a velvet or silk masterpiece adorned with delicate floral accents.

  • Wedding Arches & Arbours: Frame your vows beneath a breathtaking arch or arbour, draped in luxurious fabrics and adorned with the season's finest blooms. Choose from whimsical greenery to classic elegance, or let us design a bespoke piece that reflects your style.

Transforming Your Vision into Reality With Our Services

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of emotions and logistics. Choosing the right decorations shouldn't add to the stress when it comes to your big day. This is where Via Wedding steps in. We understand the intricacies of creating a space that reflects your unique love story, resonates with your guests, and complements the unparalleled beauty of Watsons Bay. Our experienced team takes care of everything, from initial concept to seamless execution, so you can focus on relishing the moments that truly matter.

Why Choose Professional Luxury Wedding Decorations In Watsons Bay?

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Best Luxury Wedding Decorations In Watsons Bay With Via Wedding

Picture this: Your dream wedding unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Sydney Harbour, the azure waves shimmering under the Australian sun. As guests arrive, they're enveloped in an atmosphere of elegant grandeur, where every detail, from the bridal throne to the cascading floral wall, whispers luxury and sophistication. This is the magic of Via Wedding, your expert guide to crafting unforgettable luxury wedding decorations in Watsons Bay.

Wedding Decorations Watsons Bay

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