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Contact 0432482034 or 0404287841 to speak to our luxury wedding stylists today, and let's paint your Woollahra wedding in vibrant love and floral enchantment hues. Together, we can plan your magical dream luxury wedding that whispers your love story for years to come.

Ready to Paint Your Woollahra Dream with Floral Magic?

Experienced Luxury Wedding Team: For more than a decade, we have been transforming Woollahra  weddings into enchanted realities with our decor and floral wedding centrepieces. We navigate diverse venues and tailor dreams to perfection. We elevate your celebration beyond ordinary décor, weaving in touches of luxury that leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.


Bespoke Wedding Decor: No two love stories are alike, and neither are our designs. We listen to your dreams and craft a personalised ambience that whispers your love song in every detail.


Fairytale on a Budget: We believe every love story deserves its fairytale setting, regardless of budget. We offer flexible packages and personalised consultations to ensure your Woollahra  wedding dreams take flight.

What Sets Us Apart?

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Ceremony Décor: Our luxurious wedding stylist team crafts breathtaking settings that transcend the ordinary, from intimate garden vows to grand harborside spectacles in Woollahra.


Reception Styling: From indoors to outdoor decor, Bridal Throne Chairs, Wedding Arches and Arbours, Floral walls, Centrepieces and Candelabras, Bollards and Carpet Runner, Plinths and Cake stands, backdrops & partitions, we create a cohesive ambience that reflects your unique love story.


Furniture Hire: Transform your Woollahra venue with elegant furnishings, comfortable seating arrangements, and dance floor setups that invite joyful celebrations.

Via Wedding: Your Woollahra  Luxury Wedding Specialists

Transform your wedding tables into vibrant oases with floral centrepieces. More than just decoration, it's a fragrant focal point, weaving your love story through blooms.


Blooming Elegance: Adding our floral centrepieces to your wedding can significantly enhance the overall aesthetics and ambience of the celebration. Beyond their natural beauty, floral arrangements bring a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding decor.


Colourful Fragrant Focal Point: The vibrant colours and delicate textures of flowers create a visually-stunning focal point, transforming your venue into a captivating and inviting space. Additionally, the aromatic presence of fresh flowers adds a sensory dimension, creating a pleasant and memorable atmosphere for you and your guests.


Wedding Themes: Floral wedding centrepieces serve as symbolic elements, representing love, beauty, and the fleeting yet cherished nature of the occasion. From enhancing the dining experience to contributing to the overall theme, including floral centrepieces elevates the aesthetic appeal of your wedding, leaving a lasting impression on everyone.


Our luxury wedding stylists believe floral arrangements are living narratives, each petal a brushstroke in your wedding tapestry. Imagine floral wedding centrepieces bespoke to your theme and personality, from cascading orchids mimicking the windswept beauty of the harbour or a vibrant burst of sunflowers echoing the joyful warmth of your love.


We can customise our floral wedding centrepieces, arches or walls just how you visualise.

Floral Centrepieces: More Than Just Decor

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Picture this: the sun dips below the horizon, painting the Sydney sky in hues of gold and rose, as your guests arrive at your Woollahra wedding, a haven of elegance and love. Luxury wedding stylists unlock a world of unparalleled creativity, meticulous execution, and hidden magic. Immerse your guests in exquisite touches, savour the journey without stress, and let them craft a picture-perfect celebration that's uniquely yours.


This, dear soon-married, is the magic that Via Weddings wants to deliver as your trusted luxury wedding stylists in Woollahra. We craft floral wedding centrepieces that transform receptions into a breathtaking celebration of romance and joy.

Live Your Luxury Wedding Dreams With Expert Stylists From Via Wedding

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